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This page is dedicated to the people who make this site what it is. The following students and staff either spend time site designing, researching and writing different kinds of stories, or collecting information to make the weekly updates of this site possible.


Adam Ackley


Sports Writer and Copy Editor

I enjoy writing a lot and have been doing so since I was ten. I usually like to write fiction but I also enjoy

writing about sports and news as well. I also enjoy playing basketball at DV Park and playing video

games. Other hobbies I enjoy are watching football and reading. My favorite football team is the New

York Giants.


Alia Alvarez


Entertainment Writer and Opinions Writer

I was born in Brooklyn , New York as an only child. I’ve moved all around the country and now I

live here in Phoenix. I enjoy listening to music (Twenty One Pilots and The Kooks), reading, and

also spending most of my time on Tumblr.


Cat Anderson


Cartoonist, Feature Writer, and Opinions Writer

Catherine Anderson is a freshman writer for her school paper. She is a very special person who

is close to all of her hearts. She reads, draws and plays bass in an all-girl rock band. She is

super rad. Although she looks emo (sigh, labels are for soup cans), she is way too much of a

hippie for her own good, and her annoyingly-prominent vegetarian lifestyle is adored by those

close to her. Her favorite quote: “Keep your bad vibes out of my cornflakes.”


Tyler Chambers


Photographer and Online Photo Editor

I pole vault and like baked potatoes with sour cream. I have vaulted over 11’6. I was born in Seattle,

Washington but moved to Arizona when I was two years old. I really enjoy surfing and longboarding and

I have been participating in track and field since I was 12. This is my first year doing Journalism and I

really enjoy it. I have been a Seahawks fan since five and I really think the offensive coordinater should

be fired for that play in the fourth quarter. WHERE MY SKITTLES AT!!!


Tamira Daniely


News Section Editor, Features Section Editor, and Sports Writer

Ambition is my middle name. I see myself as a girl who strives for greatness and success. In

addition, I am fun-loving and audacious. I play volleyball and I love to write. In the future, I

hope to travel the world and meet world-changing people. My life goal is to make a difference in

whatever profession I take on and be able to share those stories. My favorite show is Parks and

Recreation and I love Italian food. I believe that family is what holds me together and my friends

keep the pieces in check. I also believe that laughter and music are the cures for everything, as

well as desserts.


Sydney Gowen


News Writer

I enjoy watching Netflix for at least 15 hours a day. I rarely leave the house unless it is to get food. Some

of my interests include water acrobatics, Panda Express and puppies.


Jazmyne M. Grant


Briefs Section Editor and Opinions Writer

I’m from Redondo Beach, California. I love to take pictures and write about everything and

anything. I also love to run; I have run track for three years, about to be four, and I run sprints.

My dad is my biggest supporter through all I do, and it’s a great feeling to have my best friend

root for me. My best friend, Cameron Hawk, and I usually spend most weekends playing insane

video games or watching Criminal Minds while eating huge amounts of popcorn and

raspberries. Other than running and Cameron, I’m generally pretty boring by reading tons of

books, writing, taking pictures, and listening to killer music.


Melonie D. Harrod


Cartoonist, Briefs Writer, and Copy Editor

I love writing and drawing so, Journalism is the perfect class for me! My favorite

television shows are Empire, Vampire Diaries, and Switched at Birth. I enjoy going

skiing and hanging out with family and friends, specifically watching Netflix. My favorite

football teams are the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Redskins. My favorite

animals are dolphins and chimpanzees. If I could choose one superpower, it would be

to freeze time because who wouldn’t want extra time on their hands?


Haley Hernandez


Managing Editor

I guess most people don’t really read this far into this, I mean, let’s be honest. Well, let’s talk

about me. I guess I’m your typical, slightly-awkward teenager who likes watching B-rated horror

movies and looking at weird stock photos and watermelons. I draw sometimes, I guess, and

most of the time they are guys, sometimes deer, sometimes both – I mean, like, Hannibal is

pretty awesome. Bye.


Brittani Hoffer


Fact Checker, Editorial Writer, and Online Copy Editor

My favorite subjects in school are math, English, and, of course, journalism. I want to be a journalist for

ABC news when I am an adult. I like to read, travel, shop, play volleyball, watch television, and learn new



Laura Johnson


News Writer and Copy Editor

I am 15 years old. I am the oldest of three kids and have two dogs. I like to hang out with my friends. I

like to read and I am a relatively uninteresting person.


Sean Longley


Sports Writer

Online Photo Editor

I was born in Gilbert, AZ and lived there through 5th grade. After that, I moved to Austin, Texas and I lived

there for three years. Over the past summer, I moved back and I am now living here. I love sports,

including football and basketball. My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts in the

NFL and the Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards in the NBA. I want to attend Stanford and study law

or engineering. I write for the sports section and I like it.


Maya McGuigan


Entertainment Section Editor and Online Copy Editor

I was born in Monrovia, California and I moved to Arizona about six years ago. I went to Sierra,

Altadena, and now Desert Vista. My birthday is December 14, so if you want to get me a

present, I would gladly accept it. My favorite color is cream, because cream looks nice with just

about everything. Lastly, I greatly enjoy Chinese food.


Kemily Mella



Calendar Editor

Yo squad. I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota but I moved to Arizona when I was 5 years

old. I came into this world on June 12, 2000. I enjoy long walks to the refrigerator and

watching marathons on Netflix and wasting my life on the internet. I’m not what you

think I am… I’m Dominican. Lastly, Jeniza Othon is my main.


London Mills


Briefs Writer and Sports Writer

I like sports and shorter papers, which is why I asked for those positions. I will be attending the

Journalism 3-4 course and hope you enjoy our paper.


Kamyar Oloumi


Assistant Managing Editor and Publicist

My interests are sports and hanging out with friends. I have a dog named Roxy. I played

freshman football.


Kaley Ruff


Sports Section Editor and Online Copy Editor

I was born in Illinois and just recently moved out to Arizona. My birthday is August 31, 2000

and I will be turning 15 this summer. My least favorite food is cheese and my favorite is

Chinese. My favorite sport to play is soccer, and I played on the DV team.


Jacob Schamante


Photographer and Online Photo Editor

I was born on September 29, 1999 in Phoenix, AZ. I was the quarterback on the freshman football team

last year for Desert Vista. I take pictures for the DV journalism team. I have 2 older sisters, one who is 20

and one who is 18. My favorite superhero is Spider-man because I feel like it would be cool to swing

around on webs and free-climb walls.

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