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Opinion on desert vista spirit week

Shayna Smith, Editorial Writer

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Desert Vista High School and mostly every other school  has a spirit week sometime during the year. Schools can have it from one time to however many times they want to have a spirit week.  


If you do not know what spirit week is, it’s when there is a certain theme each day and you wear a certain outfit to match that theme. For example for the Sadies dance, the theme for that week  was the Great Gatsby. So each day you would dress something that had to do with the Great Gatsby. Spirit week is just something fun to do during the school week.


Some people like spirit week and others don’t. If you are on a sports team, cheer for example, you have to do spirit week. Cheerleaders have to do it to show they have spirit for the school. Sophomore Rebecca Kocsis said “ I like it but it would be more fun if more people participated.”


Junior Olivia Dudley gave her opinion on spirit week as well. She said “ I love spirit week! It’s so much fun to dress up with your friends and have fun with crazy outfits for a week! Plus you don’t have to pick out actual outfits for a week.”


Some people think they are too cool to do it but if everyone does it then it is more fun. Sometimes spirit weeks are scheduled when there is a pep assembly on friday, a dance on Saturday, or just at a random time.


In middle school Spirit week would take place on a monday through friday and each day teachers count who participate in their homebase and they tally up the scores and whoevers class in each pod gets the most people who dressed out get to participate in the spirit stick challenge.


It is so fun. Doing spirit week, and participating at first you might be embarrassed, or out of your comfort zone, but once you see a bunch of other people participating it is not that bad. It is fun to participate in Spirit week and everyone should do it!

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Opinion on desert vista spirit week