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Mental health

Mia Perez, Editorial Writer

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Mental health is all about the way you feel and the way you act, it’s all about your mood and behavior, toward yourself and others. Mental health is extremely important, especially to teenagers.

In school students constantly get assignment after assignment in an abundance of classes and it can often be stressful. This can affect their mental health in many ways, like their social time, mood and learning.

Spending time with family and friends is a necessary thing in life, it shouldn’t be a luxury; to some students it is. They are swimming in school work and it can leave them upset because they can’t enjoy their time out of school.

College student Natalie Yanez said “I get discouraged when I feel like I don’t have time to do all my school work without sacrificing others”.

Your mood is a huge part in your mental health and students deserve to have joy in their lives, it is not fair to sacrifice happiness over a letter. Yanez said “I occasionally get very overwhelmed with the work load and it drains my energy and motivation to do much of anything”.

Stress, worry, and anxiety. All these things can be caused by an excessive amount of schoolwork and tests. It can also affect the way someone learns, when it’s tiring work the student no longer wants to try but merely get it over with.

Yanez said “Having schoolwork outside of school has been stressful and made me care less about learning, when it involves busy work that isn’t interesting, useful or important”.

In a recent study by American Psychological Association there has been a large growth to the amount of students having serious mental health issues. Are we really gonna let this become a silent epidemic? I firmly believe a student’s well being is far more important than a letter grade, it is not fair to any student to have an excessive amount of work.  

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Mental health