• March 8, 2013

How to create a successful boy band for dummies.

By Jordan Trout and Natalie Marsh
Great Hair: Whether it’s blonde, brunette, ginger, or black, great hair is key to a successful boy band. Do you see Aaron Carter and Harry Styles with a bad hair day? Didn’t think so. If you have curly hair, it doesn’t matter if your hair is a little messy. It gives you a “I don’t care” look. If you’re going with straight hair, have a little tease in the back to give the no cares look!Tall & Lean: You have got to have a body to be able to do the dances and moving around. If you’re a little over weight, have no fear. The dances and exercise will have you in shape in no time.

Foreign: The most attractive ingredient in a boy band is to have a member that is foreign. As soon as those lady fans hear that irresistible accent, they will fall in love with the band. Nothing makes the women swoon more than a British accent and correct grammar. The girls love when you use words such as: “lovely”, “hun”, “sweetums”, “love”, and “babe”.

Great smile: With all that modeling you’re going to be doing when you become famous, you have got to have the key ingredient to the boy band look: your smile. Flash those pearly whites and show those dimples! Stop trying to be “Mr. Tough Guy” by not smiling. Girls will fall head over heels if you have a great smile.

Great Fashion Sense: Great hair? Check. Great body? Check. Great smile? Check. Great fashion sense…? We’ll be the judge of that. Nothing attracts a girl to a band more than fashion. If you’re in a band and wear ratty clothing, chances are fans will be less likely to like you. If you wear chinos, toms, beanies, suspenders, and bow ties…you’re awesome.

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