• March 8, 2013

Are high schoolers too old for Halloween?

Morgan McFadden, Reporter, The View

Halloween has been around hundreds of years for kids all over the world to celebrate, dress up, and have a great time trick-or-treating with friends. But are high school students too old to participate in the festivities of Halloween?

“I don’t think it’s to old to go trick-or-treating at all! ” freshman Kennedy Mailing said. “I would rather dress up and go trick-or-treating than go to a party, I just want candy!”

Another freshman, Joe Grana, has a different outlook on Halloween, “I think I am to old to trick-or-treat, I’ll probably just hang out with friends on Halloween.”

In some people’s opinion, Halloween is not appropriate for high school students because they think that Halloween was created for littler kids, not for teenagers in high school. Also, some people assume that Halloween gives teens the opportunity to cause trouble, normally on the day before Halloween referred to as Mischief Night.

Little do these people know, Mischief Night has nothing to do with Halloween. Not only do some people, primarily teens, in America participate in Mischief Night, but so do people in parts of Canada and Europe. The only difference between countries is that they have different dates. In Europe and Canada it’s on November 4th, not relating to Halloween at all.

“I’ve never participated in Mischief Night, I feel like Halloween is actually a really innocent and fun holiday that is meant for having fun, not causing trouble,” said Mailing

Other adults have the opinion that Halloween does not portray mature behavior like high school students should.  Lauren Pavlina, another freshman said, “I’m actually a pretty mature person and I still go trick-or-treating and dress up for Halloween! I don’t think it makes me any less mature at all, it’s just one night of fun.”

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