• March 8, 2013

Pleasant surprises and a hectic time

By Orion Healan, Reporter

There’s no questioning that every freshman has something neat they found out about Desert Vista High School during the first week of being a Thunder student. Whether it was the great food, the amount of freedom given, or the fact that lunch is longer than back at middle school. DV is very different from middle school (in a good way, of course), and for a majority of middle school students, most of us didn’t expect numerous things; good or bad.

Some of us expected to be treated like the rookies of the school again, but in all, many of us didn’t expect to have such a warm welcome.

“Freshmen weren’t treated poorly like some of us predicted; freshmen were treated with respect like every other class,” said Nik Singh, a freshman.

Meanwhile, others were satisfied with the teachers and the variety of classes.

“The teachers seem better than back at middle school, even though they’re different,” said Daniel Perlis, another freshman.

With the huge variety of classes available as just a Freshman. It’s difficult to choose from but can be exciting at the same time!

Of course there were some hectic moments for some freshmen. In just the first week, many got lost, others were trying to venture across campus to reach other classes, and freshmen got an alarming amount of homework. Many of us spent four to five times as much time to do it as it took to do middle school homework. To sum it up, some people had a busy, rough time on the first day and week.

“My first day was alright, except I was late for just about all of my classes. I had to take my brother to his math class, which I thought was unfair because I still had to find my own,”

said Shirley Ruan, another freshman. Luckily, everyone seems to be adjusting well to the high school atmosphere.

Good or bad, we all made it through our first week, and it’s very clear that it’s only the beginning of the Thunder experience for the new students.


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