• March 8, 2013

The Final Grade

Melissa Dean, reporter

As the first quarter of the new school year comes to a close and fall break begins, all over DV, students are anxious to get their final grades on their report cards, while many are dreading it. Some wish that they had done the extra credit to boost up their grade, and others with that they had studied harder for their tests. But all in all, report cards are on their way out, whether students are ready or not.

            “I’m really nervous for report cards to come out because it’s my first year here at this school and I don’t know what to expect. High school is very different than middle school and I wish that I had studied harder” said freshman Alex Gamez.

            But, many students are very confident that their report cards are up to standards. Many of them feel that it’s silly to worry when you know how your grades look and what they are.

            “Honestly, I’m not really worrying about my grades right now because I know that they are good and I’m happy with what I have” said Junior Meagan Epolite.

            Even though the dread of report cards hangs in the air after every quarter, many of us should know that whether we fail or succeed, we can always pick ourselves up and try harder each time. Remember: Succeeding leads to a promising future.

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