• March 8, 2013

AIMS All the Way: Pass and Exceed

Mark Sackley, News Editor

For juniors and seniors it is almost time to graduate, but they are forgetting one key concept into making that dream a reality:  AIMS.  Certain students have put off passing and exceeding AIMS throughout high school, and now they are down to the wire.  For some, this test can put a diploma in their hands or force them to not even graduate from Desert Vista.

        The AIMS test is a registered test in the state of Arizona.  Arizona high school students are required to pass this test, in order to graduate from high school.  The subjects that are being tested are writing, reading, and math.  This can put a ton of pressure on students, because they also have to obtain passing grades in their high school classes as well.

          “Arizona is one of the many states that not only requires students pass the test in addition to their classes,” said Mr. Mark Kulik, a DV counselor.  “The idea [is that] students met standards for different areas. 

           For those that need to pass AIMS, there is a ray of hope.  In most cases, students are able to pass the test just by going to class and understanding the material.

         “Paying attention and doing well in their classes is the best preparation.  Most of our students will pass just by doing that,” said Kulik.

           Once you pass the AIMS, you may just want to call it quits.  That is the wrong attitude in this situation.  If you exceed on the AIMS, not only will you have self-pride, but you will also get some added benefits as well.

           “For Desert Vista students, there are incentives.  Students get a gold tassel for exceeding.  It is [also] one of the pieces toward a scholarship [from an] Arizona University,” said Kulik.

            Hopefully all of you juniors and seniors that have not passed or are trying to exceed on the AIMS test have already signed up.  If not, here are some key dates that you should know.

            “The test in October for juniors and seniors is coming up on October 27th, 28th, and 29th for writing, reading, and math,” said Ms. Josephine Levy, a DV counselor.

              Passing the AIMS test is one of the many items needed to be recognized at your graduation.  It is now up to you to do everything that you can to make sure that a seat is reserved for you on graduation night.

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