• March 8, 2013

I’ll be gone for Christmas

Kendra Donohoe

by Kendra Donohoe

T’was the night before Christmas. All the boys and girls were visiting families, awaiting Santa, and preparing for Christmas Day. The celebration begins. Christmas and winter break are finally here.

After all the hard work in school, and all the homework, finally it is time for a break. All the gifts, all the spirit, and all the giving.

“Every year I go to my Aunt’s house in Surprise,” said Autumn Symes. “My aunt and uncle come. They make dinner, and my cousins and I make dessert and bake pies. I can’t wait to go because I can see my family. All of us do gift exchanging and open each other’s gifts.”

The smell of that creamy, fresh, apple pie fills the room, and gingerbread cookies are singing Christmas Spirit.

“My family is planning on going to Florida,” said Paige Reynolds. “We’re going to visit my grandparents in the southern part of it. Hopefully on Christmas Eve we’ll make a campfire and roast marshmallows like we did last year, and take a taste of the family’s gingerbread cookie recipe before Christmas day.”

After the two weeks of winter break, only five more months until school ends.

“I might be seeing my cousins,” said Mara Norton, “and we’ll probably stay home for the holidays and make a really good dinner with everyone’s favorite food.”                  Tyler Morris said he is not going to do much for the holidays, and is going to stay home. Sleeping in could be what winter break is all about this year. The occasionally snacking and watching television is another option.

Christmas and winter break are here. Time to cuddle up in blankets and relax. No school, no work. Santa is coming to town. Time to get the stockings packed, gifts wrapped, and the cookies stacked.

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