• March 8, 2013

Courtyard Painted with Spirit

Jordan Rydman, Reporter

Desert Vista fall sports didn’t end quietly as both the varsity football team and the marching band took home victory over the rest of Arizona and many of the other teams came in as runners-up. No season bringing this much victory could go un-noticed, and if won’t be forgotten any time soon. In fact, student council put the spray paint to use and decorated enough posters to fill the courtyard with spirit. With a few posters for each sport, the teams can’t help but feel supported.

“I personally spent about 7 hours tracing and painting 5 about 9 foot posters, 3 for football and 2 for band,” senior student-council member and school president Julia Thatcher said. “I had everyone get [to school] at 7:30 to make and hang posters for all the champions. We had to find out dates of events, what exactly needs to be advertised, all the details, and creative new ways to say it.”

After all the work and effort put into making the teams feel special, the courtyard décor was nothing less than a spectacular way to do so. The athletes couldn’t feel more appreciated.

“It was a really good feeling to have all the posters up,” senior football player Matt Geranen said. “It showed how much support we had, and it shows how much our school does for our program.”

With student council having plans to make posters at least once a week, it is sure that the spirit will not die any time soon.

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