• March 8, 2013

Softball VS Baseball

Nicole Salsburg

Tori Miller plays for DV’s freshmen softball team.

Nicole Salsburg

Softball, baseball…baseball, softball. Same thing? Or completely different sports? Softball is the girl version of baseball, but others say baseball is the boy version of softball. What’s the difference?

“I don’t get why they are two different sports, mostly separated by girls and boys,” said freshman Tori Miller, a player on the Desert Vista softball team. “If that is the case, why isn’t there a separate sport for girls volleyball and give it a different name for the girls team?” A lot of teams are separated by girls and boys, but there really is not another sport that has different materials, a different name, and different rules. “I don’t really know any differences between the two other than the fact that the softball field is smaller, and the size of the ball,” said sophomore Kevin Cooke, a player on the JV baseball team.

The division between the two may seem sexist, but initially all sports are split. It would not be fair to have a 7  foot guy who weighs 250 pounds block a 5 foot girl who weighs  100 pounds in a game of basketball. The same would not be fair out on the baseball field. Although the sports may be different, the reasons for playing are similar. “I enjoy playing baseball because I’m good at it and it is my hobby,” Cooke said.

Reasons for taking baseball are not any different from reasons for taking softball. One might take it to stay in good physical shape, or just for the fun of it. Whichever one it is, both let the players experience the thrill of hitting the ball way in the outfield, and getting to run around bases trying to escape the other team’s throws. “I like taking softball because it is something to do in my spare time and a great way to meet friends who have the same passion as me,” Miller said.Softball and baseball are both sports filled with fun and competition.  Although there will always be conflicting ideas about the gender separation, they are still a good way to have fun with friends before you strike out. The only difference between all sports, is not who plays, or who wins,  but how they play the game.


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