• March 8, 2013

All together for the last time

Amitty Tam, Reporter

Thursday, April 5th was filled with cheers and screams as Desert Vista’s class of 2012 celebrated their last pep assembly with the rest of the school.
They kicked off the assembly by checking up with the boys and girls varsity tennis teams.
After listening to tennis captains talk about their outstanding season so far, the class of 2011-2012 Valedictorians were introduced.  The four seniors, including Jennifer Wu and Kevin Zheng, were introduced with the prestigious honor of being Valedictorians for their class.
Track, baseball, and softball captains also talked about their winning seasons so far, and kept us updated on their latest games and activities.
Following the sports teams was the presentation of the coveted the Diablo Award, won by Dr. Linda Peairs, the honored english teacher.
Than, the new student body officers were introduced! The 2012-2013 president will be junior Mitchell Hammer, the new spirit director will be  junior Joey Steigerwald, the vice president position will be shared by juniors Carly Contract and Shannon Gilpin, and the treasurer spot will be occupied by sophomore Rachel Clark.
After a round of applause for the newly appointed officers, some of the seniors boys and security guards took the dance floor. The boys danced a dance choreographed by a senior company dancer and got a standing ovation.
“The dance was so funny! I was probably one of my favorite things about all the assemblies this year. It was cool to see the guys dressed in spandex and their jerseys, being goofy and funny, especially with the security guards who always seems so serious!” says Megan Fisher
The assembly closed out with a smashing number by the DV Dance company, consisting of many seniors who will be dancing in front of the school for the last time.
From the silly dances to the awards, what were the student’s favorite part about the last assembly of the year?
“I definitely felt like we went out with a huge bang!” says Brittany Ly, ‘I loved the seniors dance with Snow and Walt and I had so much fun watching the senior company dance also.”
This may come as a surprise but some seniors might even miss high school already.
“ Being at the assembly brought back a bunch of memories from I was a freshman. It’s hard to believe things have ended so fast and I’m already out of here!” says proud senior Sydney Dale
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