• March 8, 2013

Passionate Spanish teacher blazes up the Diablo Awards

"Cuando yo era joven...." Dr. Peairs tells her students a story from her youth while she teaches.

Michelle Borbon, Staff Writer

Last weekend, foreign language teacher Dr. Linda Peairs received the Acheivement Award at the Annual Diablo Teacher Awards.

Peairs has taught Honors Spanish 5-6, AP Spanish Language, and AP Spanish Literature for 10 years at Desert Vista and an additional 10 years at the college  level.

The prestigious award is presented only to “an individual who produces exceptional growth in student achievement that is demonstrated by measurable data over a three year timeframe.”

According to her students, Peairs is just that teacher.

“Dr. Peairs is amazing.” said sophomore Kailyn Revenew who is in Peairs’ Honors Spanish 5-6 class. “That’s the only class I have that I don’t fall asleep in. I think she definitely deserved it.”

Back when Desert Vista was still working on its AP Spanish program, Peairs was hired to bring it up to pace. She has led the way and carved the path for the third year spanish curriculum, and made the AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature programs one of the greatest in the state.

“It is a lovely recognition of the many hours of thought and energy I have put into our department’s curriculum, into my teaching, and into the education of my students,” said Peairs. “I feel so appreciated by my colleagues, my administration, my district, and my community.”

Beyond making the Spanish program at DV fantastic, “Doctora” has expanded her reach as AP Consultant for the new AP Spanish Literature and Culture course next year. Under this position, Peairs helps other AP Spanish teachers across the district improve the learning and critical thinking of their students.

“I try to prepare my seniors for college, graduate school, and the workplace by sharing my experiences in academic and the corporate world,” said Peairs. “Students are motivated, hard-working, and very bright. I love teaching them. My students challenge me to think deeply, to be creative, and to have a sense of humor.”

Peair’s dedication to her students sets her apart, but it isn’t the only thing that makes her unique. She has a huge passion for what she teaches: Spanish.

“I fell in love with languages in junior high school.” said Peairs. “As a teenager there was nothing more awesome than being able to speak a language my parents didn’t speak.”

“Doctora” Peairs has also studied French, German, Latin, and Portuguese.

”I teach Spanish because it is the language that speaks to my heart. It is so beautiful and so expressive as a language that I want others to appreciate the special view of the world that it communicates ” said Peairs. “I also adore Spanish and Spanish American literature—especially the poetry. I love introducing the beauty and power of this literature and culture to my students, knowing their lives will be enriched by this contact.”

“She is hilarious, I love hearing her stories.” said Revenew. “I feel like I can relate to her, and I learn so much because she makes the material so interesting.”

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