• March 8, 2013

DV’s Got Talent

By Michelle Borbon
The audience oohed and awed Friday, March 2nd as 15 brave souls graced the
stage in DV’s talent show. The lights were shining, the auditorium was filled, and the talented performers sat in the
wings, some nervous and some excited. This year’s Talent Show was run by
Sophomore Student Council, and proceeds go to STUCO and Hope Survives to fight cancer.
“The acts blew me away,” said sophomore Kailyn Revenew. “I wasn’t expecting some of these people to be so talented.”
The acts Revenew is blown away by ranged everywhere from beatboxing to hula dancing.
“It was really cool to see so many different talents,” said freshman Nikita Bhuyan. “I was expecting mostly singing acts, but it was all really creative”
Coming in at third place was Riley Koscis, who was also one of the three winners in Arizona’s Got Talent show, with a signing act.
Second place was Ryan Ortega and Carmen Krebs who performed “Someone Like You” by Adele.
The winning act was an improvised beat boxing piece by Christian Merrell, also
known as Chi.
The View: Your act was beatboxing and rapping, when did you realize you had a talent for it?
Christian Merrell: I started beatboxing before I could even do it well, and that’s how I got good. I just kept going, even when I sucked at it.
TV: What was it like when you performed?
CM: It was awesome, just having the curtain open and hear everyone calling
out my name.
TV: Do you see any future in your beatboxing skills?
CM: I love to beatbox, but I don’t really see it as something I could do for a job.
T V: When else have you performed? CM: I did Battle of the Bands, mostly
just school events.
TV: Did you expect to get 1st place?
CM: Everyone was really encouraging and supportive but I did not
expect it!
TV: Is there a story behind your nickname?
CM: My friend Eric Clark gave me that nickname sophomore year, and it just kind of stuck.

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