• March 8, 2013

Latin club gives back

Amitty Tam, Reporter

It’s that time of the year again! The Latin Club is holding their annual Gift Wrap for Adopt a Family this December. This has been a project the Latin Club has been taking on since the holidays of 2006.

The club has partnered with AZ Adoption and Foster Care to bring Christmas gifts to less fortunate families. Visit http://www.childcrisis.org/aafc/index.html to learn more about their organization and their movement.

“We hope to give a family in need an amazing holiday.’ said Latin Club sponsor and Latin teacher Sarah Palumbo.

Everyone can participate in this project, not only the Latin Club. Anyone can donate gifts, and anyone can offer to help with the gift-wrapping.  Gifts that have been donated in the past has been from anywhere from gift cards to bikes that look like motorcycles.

After all the gifts have been donated than Latin Club has a huge wrapping party at one of their meetings than they deliver it to the organization.

“Many have been blessed with a house, jobs and clothes. It only makes sense that we try to help those in need,” said Palumbo.

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