• March 8, 2013

New students find their way around DV

Natalie Marsh, The View

First day of high school; the day that all incoming freshmen hope for, but some fear. What do I wear? Do I look okay? Do I have lunch with friends? Do I have classes with friends? Usually, this is all that goes through our 14-15 year old minds when the day dawns on us, but when you’re new, it’s a whole different ball game. With 800 plus students being welcomed to Desert Vista from district schools such as Akimal or Altedana, there also come new freshmen students from other towns, states, and even countries. Starting High School is tough enough, but having to move and start high school somewhere you don’t know anyone, is a nightmare everyone has.

“My first week of school was fantastic,” Taylor Pierce said. “I got lost a few times, like going to the wrong class at the wrong hour.” Taylor, a freshman, had just moved here from Chandler, Arizona; she attended Payne Junior High for 7th and 8th grade year. “The people here in Ahwatukee are way nicer. The teachers are so much better; they actually are hands on. It’s different because I see so many different faces each day, its fantastic.”

With being new comes many disadvantages: You have to make new friends, You’re in a new surrounding; Sometimes it’s a little too stressful, but for Alexis Aure, who just moved here from Nevada, it was just fine: “I made a group of friends at lunch, they’ve even invited me to their party on Friday,” She replied with a gleaming smile across her face. “ My favorite class is French, because it’s, all over, just really fun and interesting to learn. I really love all my teachers and lunch is fun.”

Both are looking forward to the rest of their four years at DV: “I’m really hoping to make a lot of friends and just be cool with everyone. I don’t want to make any enemies,” Taylor said.



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