• March 8, 2013

Already??? Registration for the new year

Jessica Tueller

The scent of newly printed paper descends on the school.  Thousands of forms thud onto the tables of overwhelmed students.  First semester has barely ended, but registration has just begun.

Registration begins every year at the same time, and yet every year nobody feels ready for it.  “Registration should be slightly later in the year,” said sophomore Kyle Pitman.  “Students should be given more time to make their decisions.”

Where has the time gone?

Students are faced with choices that will impact the entirety of their next school year.  Choosing a schedule that best suits a student is necessary for furthering education and maximizing enjoyment.  Sophomore Jenny Chen admitted that she tended to perform best in her favorite classes “because I have more motivation.”

In a recent DV poll, 4 out of 5 students were found to have never switched out of a class.  But sometimes students simply don’t like their schedule.  In order for students to learn more and make a good choice about various courses (avoiding switches), each class sets up a stand and advertises at an open house- this year it is set to be on January 24th.  The open house is a great opportunity for students to figure out their ideal schedule for next year.

But decisions about classes don’t all come from what looks fun at the open house.  3 out of 5 students were college bound, taking tough classes to appeal to colleges. Junior Brian Huft bases his registration off of “options given with college interests.”

Other students set goals on interests.  “I prefer interesting classes even if they’re hard,” said freshman Astrid Camou.  “I’d rather take a class that I enjoy than a class I find boring.”

The best schedule is a mix of needed credits, college appeal, personal interest, and enjoyable classes.  As freshman Maddy Nelson said, “If you have everything planned out, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Maybe it’s early, “It’s ridiculous!” said Chen, but registration is already preparing us for an even better 2011-2012.

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