• March 8, 2013

New ISS brings pleasure to some, punishment to others

Angie Bumstead

Students all around campus came back to school with a noticeable change in Desert Vista’s detention policy.

Last year, ISS was detention held during school hours, but this year, ISS or in-school suspension was eliminated as they knew it. In its place, students in trouble will now have to go to detention before school, during lunch, or after school.

But what brought about this sudden change? The answer is simple. Students would get in trouble for ditching, goofing off, and many other things. Then, as their punishment, they would get pulled out of more class, free to relax for an entire school day.

“The faculty at Desert Vista felt it was necessary to keep students in class during the school day,” said Christine Barela, assistant principal, “By taking students out of class, they were missing valuable information.”

Students who have received the punishment of after school dentition will be called to the front office to be given their referral. Once the referral has been given, the student will have to come to Desert Vista between 3:30 and 7:00 PM, where they must work on some sort of schoolwork. Doodling, sleeping, and goofing off will result in more punishment. “I think it’s stupid,” said Tony Crawford, Junior, “that if we get ISS we would have to go in after school rather than during school.”

“This change is really great because students will no longer be pulled out of class,” said Miguel Marrero, the Program Coordinator for the Thunder Success Academy, “The faculty hopes this will have a positive affect on students because now dentition is taking time out of their day instead of ours.” Marrero will be in charge of dentition for students after school, where he will supervise them.

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