• March 8, 2013

Girls gear up: female technology students break stereotypes

Mark Sackley, News Editor

            For centuries, girls have always been trying to accomplish the same things that guys have accomplished.  It all started with females obtaining the right to vote, it has led to girls taking classes that would normally be considered a ‘male class,’ 

            The classes that these ladies have been taking are computer programming and engineering type classes.  A change of pace like this shows that women putting themselves in a position to succeed in any line of work.  Some girls, however, decided to take a computer programming class just because it looked interesting.

            “I chose this class because I had an interest in computers.  I didn’t strike me at first [that] there would be mostly guys in it.  [I thought it was] just a fun class to take,” said Amanda Tracy, a senior.

            Other girls feel that taking a class like this is a stepping stone for a higher range of learning and education in the future.  It can open many doors to many jobs.

            “It can help accomplish [what I want to do] because it sets a strong foundation for the knowledge of technology that just about everyone is going to need later in the workforce,” said Rebecca Goldstein, a junior.

            The most important reason why girls take classes like this is to prove a point.  They want to show everyone out there that they are not intimidated by technically based classes. 

            “People should know that girls do know stuff about cars.  Some even more than boys,” said Sandy Ma, a senior.

            When it comes to finding any job in the workforce, it will always be a competition between males and females.  Girls have adapted to what used to be a ‘male dominant society’ and have actually taken jobs away from them.  The ladies that take engineering and computer programming classes at Desert Vista will have better opportunities in the job market than those who did not.

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