• March 8, 2013

Crackin’ Down on Cell Phones

Lindsey Laski, Managing Editor

Almost every student in high school could honestly say that the most important thing they are to have is their cell phone.  It is used for many different reasons, mostly to keep in touch with all of their friends.  In school, it is very difficult to talk to friends because of the crack down on cell phone use.

 “I don’t really like the cell phone policy because during school I can’t talk to my friends and keep in touch with them during the day,” said Junior, Michelle Cihy. 

The school administration is putting a halt to using cell phones.   They have modified the policy.  It is prohibited to use a cell phone in school and during passing periods.   Cell phones, however, may be used before school, during lunch period, and after school only.  The students sometimes feel that with this policy they are being extracted from their social lives even if it is for a few hours. 

Social lives for high schoolers are very important and one major way of communication is the cell phone.  It is not only used to make phone calls, but as most people know, texting has becoming a major way of staying in touch. 

“Texting is pretty much my life.  I communicate with my friends through texting almost every time.  It is just so much easier than actually calling a person,” said Cihy.

Most students would say that they text more than they call.  This is because it is much easier to text what they want to say instead of speaking it.  Especially in school, a student can get away with texting much easier than making a call.

“Most of the time, I can get away with sending a little text in class but since the administrators and teachers are cracking down on the policy I don’t try and text as much in class,” said Senior, Ben Rathbun. 

The policy is coming down to almost no use of the cell phones.  If someone is caught using a cell phone, it will result in the phone being taken away for the day.  Then the parent can come and pick it up in the office after school.

If cell phones are so much of a communication device for the social lives of high school students, then they cannot go a day without them, right?  In order to keep them in your possession, do not bring them out of your backpacks during unauthorized times and there will not be any problems.

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