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DVTV 05/07/12

BROOKE: Today on this Monday… May 7th 2012…Seniors are counting down the days until graduation… Senior spirit week starts today as all the seniors have Senioritis… Pillow pets… sweat pants… shorts… and comfy clothes… these seniors look like they are ready for bed… some students even have snuggies…

BROOKE: I’m Brooke Serack… Thanks for joining us…This is DVTV…

BROOKE: Seniors this week is a spirit week. This is your last chance to show your DV spirit before graduation!

Tomorrow be sure to rep your class by wearing your senior jerseys or senior shirts,

Wednesday is senior citizens day as you are the oldest at our school… dress as grandmas and grandpas…

Thursday is college day so wear your college shirts or jerseys repping where you will be attending in the fall…

and Friday wear your Senior breakfast shirt…

BROOKE: You can pick up your senior breakfast shirt for FREE in the bookstore all this week before Friday the 11th… you will also wear it again on Senior breakfast on Thursday May 24th after graduation practice.

BROOKE: If you seniors are planning on attending Grad Night…DV Grad Night Committee will be on campus all this week and at the Mandatory Senior Meeting on May 21 to sell tickets & collect paperwork for this special event. Cost is $100 but after May 21 the cost goes up to $125. There will be $4000 in prizes given away that night.

BROOKE: It is not just the seniors who deserve recognition… Did you know that this week is teacher appreciation week?

Let your teachers know how much you appreciate what they do by filling out a teacher gram in your 3rd hour class. Additional copies are available in the front office. Please return them to your teacher or the box in the front office no later than Wednesday. Grams will be delivered to your teachers on Friday.

Teachers… please pass out the teacher grams to your 3rd hour students at this time.

BROOKE: Freshmen… Sophomores… and Juniors… The Thunder Marching Band is having their last new member event today.

The trial event runs from 4:30-6:30pm.  The Marching Band is looking for hard-working, dedicated, and friendly students as well as in Color Guard or flagline. The Color Guard is open to all grades and there is no experience necessary!

If you are interested… please wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes.

BROOKE:  DV Cross Country is also looking for new members! There will be a parent and introduction meeting at the DV track tomorrow at 6pm for all boys interested in cross country. Contact Coach Williams in C-129 for questions.

BROOKE: Congratulations to our boys volleyball team. They won both matches this weekend on the road to the state playoffs.  They defeated #3 Saguaro and Mountain Pointe.

Come out to Brophy tomorrow night at 7:00 pm to watch our team defeat the Broncos.

BROOKE: Many sporting events are over for this year…and if you would like to see these teams one more time…along with other memories from this school year…come get your yearbook today.


BROOKE: So do not forget…the Storm Yearbook distribution party is today…so do not forget your yearbook! There will even be a chance for you to win an iPad…iPod Touch…Nook and lots more.

BROOKE: One last announcement… today… tomorrow… Wednesday…and next Tuesday the library will be closed during all class periods and both lunches for AP testing.

BROOKE: If you missed any announcements on the show today visit the DV homepage and click “Daily Bolt” on the sidebar.

BROOKE: Have a great day Thunder!

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