• March 8, 2013

DVTV 04/27/12

ELENA: Today on this Friday… April 27th 2012…We have traveled across America this week and now we are finally in Washington DC… This morning spirit t-shirts were on sale… students were dressed from head to toe in Red white and blue… student council was reeling in the crowd… waving the american flag… one student even dressed in a full body suit.

ELENA: I’m ELENA Serack… Thanks for joining us…This is DVTV…

ELENA: Spring Fling spirit shirts are now for sale in the bookstore for 7 dollars….do not miss the chance to snag one of these cute shirts

ELENA: Only one day left before Prom…do you have everything ready DV??  Do not forget to buy your tickets…if you still need to get them…go to the bookstore today…the price is still 90 dollars per couple and tomorrow night they will be 100 dollars at the door. Don’t miss your chance to dance under the stars tomorrow night!

ELENA: For most of the students at DV…Prom will seem like a dream…amidst the stars…but for the prom committee students…a lot of work has been happenign

g all year to make it happen. Here with us today is Mitchell Hammer…from the prom committee…in the newsroom with Brooke Serack… to share with us what went into this years prom.happening..Brookee?

BROOKE: Thank you Elena…and thank you for joining us today Michel…


BROOKE: Thank you Michel! And do not forget…you Must bring your Student ID with you to get into Prom. If you lost your ID make sure you stop by the bookstore and buy a new one for just $4 today before it is too late. Back to you Elena.

ELENA: Thank you Brooke…

ELENA: Another important thing for you seniors to remember…graduation is less than a month away and many of you have not picked up your cap and gown from the bookstore. You must bring a form of ID in order to pick it up! So do not wait any longer, go to the bookstore before or after school or during lunch.

ELENA: Did you vote yesterday DV? Results are being tallied right now…and the positions will be posted after school today! We will be announcing them on monday if you miss them…

ELENA: Tuition Assistance for Dual Enrollment Courses for fall are due. This new spring deadline will allow students to know if they qualify for tuition assistance before they register for dual enrollment classes in the fall.  Funds are limited and awarded on a first-come first–served basis. Just mail it to
Rio Salado College…Financial Aid
Scholarship Department…2323 west 14th Street

ELENA: A few first session summer school classes are full and have closed…PE…Health…and Government. Spanish 4 is closed and full second session.  All other second session courses are still available.
The Counseling Office now has a page on Facebook.  Like us and have easy access to all kinds of important information.

ELENA: Just another reminder…if you are interested in Magic The Gathering or Yu-gi-oh…go check out the Anime Club today in room C108 and C109…the entry fee is only five dollars….take your money to the bookstore…to participate.

ELENA: Also today after school there is a girls lacrosse game away at Pecos versus Chaparellal at 6 pm. Come cheer on these girls.

ELENA: If you want to go support more athletes and have some time before prom…the varsity baseball team earned its way into the state playoffs with a win on Wednesday against Mesa Westwood. They will be playing tomorrow morning.

ELENA: The girls varsity softball team also made their way to the playoffs for the first time in three years. They will be playing tomorrow as well.

ELENA: Good luck to all teams competing this weekend.

ELENA: Have a wonderful weekend thunder and a spectacular prom night.

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