• March 8, 2013

DVTV 04/25/12

SARAH: Today on this Wednesday April 25th………all around campus students are wearing Cowboy hats… Plaid shirts… and the occasional wizard of Oz character. Prom is right around the corner……only 3 days away.
SARAH: I am Sarah McCoy and this is DVTV……thank you for joining us.
SARAH: As the Juniors and Seniors are anxiously awaiting prom…..there are some things you need to remember on Saturday night. This is a school event…..so don’t plan on doing anything inappropriate before attending the dance. DV administration will be watching for anyone acting in an inappropriate manner and if caught….. serious consequences will follow. We need you all to make good choices and keep this a fun and safe event for everyone. So let’s make prom 2012 the best prom yet….Do not forget…you MUST have a DESERT VISTA ID to get into the Prom. If you have lost yours…please bring four dollars to the bookstore…then take your receipt up to the library to get a new card. You will NOT be allowed into the Prom without a DV ID.

…and another notice for those going to Prom. Today is the last day to turn in guest passes to Ms. Bethea. Please turn them in by 3:30 today.

SARAH: SENIORS……graduation is less than a month away and many of you have not picked up your cap and gown from the bookstore. You must bring a form of ID in order to pick it up! So do not wait any longer, go to the bookstore before or after school or during lunch.

SARAH: The senior art show is currently up in the auditorium lobby. Stop by and take a look at some of the amazing work of our students. They will also be having a reception at 7pm tomorrow be sure to attend and support them.

SARAH: Although the school year is coming to an end… TSTDC is still working hard through the rest of the year. Come join them for their showcase on May 2nd at 7… May 3rd at 7… and May 4th at 4. If you come to the Friday show… you will be entered into a drawing for diamond backs tickets! Stay tuned next week for a special preview of the showcase.

SARAH: Are you planning on taking summer school? If so it is time to sign up and reserve your spot before they fill up. 1st session PE and Health are already full, but the 2nd session is still open. If you have any questions about summer school…..just go to the counseling office.

SARAH: One of our own DVTV students got the chance of a lifetime just a few weeks ago and was able to be on the ice with his favorite hockey team the Detroit Red Wings. Nathan Nazari flew from Phoenix to Detroit to train with the teams goalie and coaches. Let’s take a closer look at his trip.

SARAH: What a great experience Nathan.

SARAH: Earth Day was this past Sunday…..and the AP Environmental Science class has been working hard to put together videos to remind us on how to we can protect our Earth…let’s hear from the Earth Birds in this weeks video about Organic Farming.SARAH: Remember to protect your Earth…now let’s check in with Austin in the weather centerSARAH: Thank you Austin! On a final note we have a special on the dress code.SARAH: Remember to follow the 4 B’s and stay classy DV. Student council election speeches will air for the rest of the day on DVTV so stay tuned if your class still needs to see those speeches. That’s all for today. Join us tomorrow for a newscast as DV celebrates New York City day!

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