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DVTV 4/23/12

GABBY: Today on this Monday April 23th 2012…its the first day of Spring Fling…
Hello Seattle…a few notes  from the song by Owl City to get you in the mood…but some students are already ready…as they are showing off their DV spirit…breaking out long skirts…headbands… and flannels…and showing off their hipster style for today’s theme…Hipster Seattle…GABBY: I’m Gabby Newell… Thanks for joining us…This is DVTV…GABBY: And for the rest of the week…spring fling spirit continues…as we show our love for america!
Tomorrow will be themed after the entertainment capital of the world.. Los Angeles…so dress like your favorite celebrity…or get your beachwear out!
Save your overalls for Wednesday…because it is Kansas City Farmer day and if the farmer look isn’t for you… dress up as your favorite Wizard of Oz character…
Thursday…dress up for a day themed after the Big Apple…New York City…
and finally Friday will be a red white and blue Patriotic day…after our nation’s capital…Washington D.C

GABBY: Congratulations to the varsity softball team! They defeated Salpointe 9 to 1! Dani Block pitched 7 strong innings and only allowed 3 hits. Emily Panther…Madison Bailey…and Naomi Ricciotti lead the team with some fantastic hitting! Well done girls!

GABBY: Anyone interested in running girls cross country next season a needs to attend the very important informational meeting this wednesday…at 8AM in the wrestling room.  Information concerning when start dates this summer and more will be given. Please attend even if you are not 100% sure you are running

GABBY: Last friday was the last night to see the Desert Vista Junior and Senior company dance show entitled “you dance”. The show was based on popular youtube videos such as If Scary Movies were Real and The History of Dance. This was the last dance show of the year and the last chance for the seniors to show what they’ve learned and to say one final goodbye to the dance program.

GABBY: Also last Friday the Desert Vista Wind Ensemble and Symphonic band performed in Music Under the Stars at the Tempe Center for the Arts. The event included Desert Vista, Corona and other high school bands along with the Arizona Wind Symphony and members from the Academy Drum and Bugle corps. It was dark so the audience could stargaze… but the sound of the bands was beautiful just the same… In case you missed it take a listen…

GABBY: This Friday the Anime club will be hosting two more tournaments…Magic The Gathering tournament in room C109 and Yu-gi-oh card game tournament…in room C108.  The entry fee is  $5.00 and must be paid to the bookstore.  Bring the pink receipt to rooms C 109 and 108 this Friday.

GABBY: After school today will be the annual foreign language world cup tournament! All foreign languages are competing and want you to come participate or cheer on your favorite team. No experience required!

GABBY: The wait is almost over…juniors and seniors…Prom is this weekend! Do not forget to buy your tickets…this week will be your last chance to get them before the dance.
You can purchase them in the bookstore for only $90…don’t wait…they will be 100$ at the door.
If you lost your ID make sure you stop by the bookstore and buy a new one for just $4.

GABBY: It’s time to get to know your candidates for Prom royalty

GABBY: Jackie Jensens’ high school crush is Joey Steigerwald. Soccer is her favorite high school memory. She considers everyday her most embarassing moments. In 5 years she hopes to be in Africa. If she could spend one day with Dr. Battle doing whatever she wants, clubbing tops her to-do list. And her favorite teachers at DV are Ms. Wade, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Honaker.

GABBY: Nikki Meeker says her high school crush is Mr. Garvy. Her favorite high school memory is when we won State for football. When it comes to her most embarassing high school memories, there are too many to write down. In 5 years she wants to be graduating from college. If she could spend one day with Dr. Battle, she wants to be gettin’ swoll at World’s Gym. And her favorite teacher at DV is Mr. B!

GABBY: Nathaniel Husbands’ high school crush is Ms. Wade – he says she’s a dream and he adores her. Playing ruby with Pablo – the most interesting man in the world is his favorite high school memory. His most embarassing moment in high school came when Coach C called him a “pansie and a weakling”. Nathaniel sees himself as the “frattiest” man in the world down at U of A in 5 years. His one day with Dr. Battle would be spend lifting weights and getting big and such – he says it would be a great time. And his favorite teachers at DV are Ms. Wade, Dastous, Rad, Weisinger and …Coach C.

GABBY: Hunter Rodriguez has a high school crush  – and it’s Mr. Pryor. He’s never going to forget his favorite memory of winning state in football. He says his most embarassing moment in high school is the realization the he is going to lose this year’s Prom King race to Zack Warner. In 5 years he hopes to be  graduating from college. If she could spend one day with Dr. Battle, he has no idea of what they would do, but wow, what an honor! And his favorite teachers at in the one and only Mr. Silva.

GABBY: Brenna Goodwin says Walt is her high school crush. She says dancing with Nathaniel Husband “after winning” King and Queen for Prom Royalty will be her best memory. Her most embarassing moment came one time when Mrs. Schmidt told her she didn’t have any friends. In 5 years she hopes to celebrating her 5th year anniversasy of being prom king and queen with Nathaniel. She says if she could spend one day with Dr. Battle, she like to admire her muscles. And her favorite teachers at DV are three Mrs….Schmidt, Wade and Fountain.

GABBY: Ashley Rosselli has a high school crush on Shannon Gilpin. She says her favorite high school memory hasn’t happened yet because it’s graduation – it’s gonna rock! And that most embarrassing moment ..when she ripped her pants.  In 5 years she hopes to be  a princess in Disneyland. If she could spend one day with Dr. Battle, guess what, she wants to work out – all day! And her favorite teacher at  DV is none other than Mr. Honaker.

GABBY: Carolyn Rath has a high school crush on Coach C.  Her favorite memory  from high school is Harry Potter Day. She says she’s too cool to be embarassed by anything in high school. In 5 years she hopes to be going to med school and being fabulous. If she could spend one day with Dr. Battle, she’d steal her job and take over the school. And her favorite teachers at DV are Ms. Wade, Doctora Peairs and Mr. Patton.

GABBY: Zack Warner had a high school crush  on former teacher, Ms. Yamamoto. He says he’ll never forget chillin’ in the crew in Hank’s basement. The most embarassing moment in his high school memory is his 18th birthday.  In 5 years he hopes to be one of Chandler’s finest, along side Hand da tank. If he could spend one day with Dr. Battle, he’d want to get huge and then go to chipotle! And his favorite teachers at  DV are Mr. Garvey and Reinhardt.

GABBY: Joey Steigerwald has a high school crush  – on Jackie Jensen. He said his favorite memory is getting to answer these questions read to the entire school over the announcements. And that most embarassing moment in high school…stopping Chi’s beat-boxing early in the assembly becasue of time. In 5 years he wants to be curing cancer. And if he could spend one day with Dr. Battle, he’s hit the gym and then spend the rest of the day discussing leadership! And his favorite teachers at DV are Dawn Marie Lassen-Schmidt.

GABBY: Pablo Picardo has a high school crush on a girl back in Spain named Raquel. When he goes back to Spain, the favorite memory of his high school days at DV will be the Mr. Thunder pagent. He doesn’t have a most embarassing moment, but in 5 years he doesn’t know where he will be, but he hopes it’s somewhere in America. And that one day with Dr. Battle, who knows! But he does know his favorite teacher at  DV is Mr. Silva.

GABBY: Nick Selby has a high school crush on Dr. Battle. The favorite memories of high school that he’s always remember are the crazy warm ups with Speech, theatre and debate. And how about that most embarrasing moment in high school? It was getting dress coded…as a guy! In 5 years, plans to still be in college.  And given  one day with Dr. Battle to whatever he wants to do…he chose to play tackle football and then go eat at Yoasis…if …his body is still intact. And finally, his favorite teacher at  DV is Mrs. Graber and Mrs. Dastous.

GABBY: Have a wonderful day thunder.

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