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DVTV 12/12/11

BROOKE: Today on this Monday, December 12th, 2011…Raindrops were falling on our heads this morning….as everyone headed to school …a fitting start for finals week.

BROOKE: I’m Brooke Serack thanks for joining us…this is DVTV.

BROOKE: And you can expect rain throughout the week starting with today…there will be a high of 63 and a low of 51. The rest of the week is looking cloudy and cold so bundle up and stay warm for finals

BROOKE: The holidays are only weeks away…have you done all of your holiday shopping? Our first year class talked to a few DV students to see what they are asking for…


BROOKE: Let’s hope you all get what makes you happy.

BROOKE: Congratulations to Desert Vista Women’s Varsity soccer team for winning the Championship of the annual Tempe Diablos Classic Soccer Tournament this past Friday! The team beat Corona 3-1. Desert Vista Women also won last week as they went 5-0 in the Diablos tournament with only one goal scored against them.  Kelly Watson scored 2 goals for the Thunder in the first half. Midway through the second half, Jessica Johnson scored to make it three for the Thunder.

Come out and support the Thunder Soccer, Tuesday, December 20th home against Mountain Pointe!

BROOKE: Yearbook Senior Ads are due soon. Send your order form, photos and text to the yearbook staff by the December 30th deadline to guarantee a spot.

Please note that space is limited. Contact the yearbook staff for details. Senior Ad Form.

BROOKE: This year finals are Thursday and Friday of this week. Periods 1,2 and 3 are Thursday with the final bell ring at 12:30. And Friday periods 4 and 5 will be during the first 90 minutes during the day 6 and 7 following with the final bell again ringing at 12:30 officially starting winter break.

BROOKE: There is a new club here at desert vista…film club. Gabby Newell, Anessa Blanco, and many have others have been hard at work creating a thriller movie called Timorous State. It takes place here at home at our very own auditorium where supposedly there is a rumored ghost haunting it. We decided to send out a team to investigate it. Here is their fantastically creepy trailer.


BROOKE: If you want to join film club and make cool videos like this, come to A156 after school on Mondays. They start at 3:20 and end at 4:15.

BROOKE: Kevin Zheng and Steven Hines will be presenting a physics talk on the secret inner life of transistors, diodes and semiconductors after school tomorrow in Mrs. Musheno’s room C170. It is open to anyone who is interested

BROOKE: Due to popular demand…the deadline for the LIT 800 has been extended. Potential entrants to the LIT 800 now have until Friday January 6th 2012.

Just visit your English or Foreign Language Teacher for details. Entry forms and submission guideline packets are available in the bookstore.

BROOKE: All year Latin club has been meeting doing different activities and celebrating different ancient Roman holidays and festivals.

Our beginning class went to Latin club to find out more about the Fenalia festival.


BROOKE: If you happened to miss anything on our show today…just go online to DVThunderMedia.com, DV’s School Fusion site or you can even find us on Facebook! Just search Desert Vista Thunder Media!

BROOKE: Have a great day Thunder!

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