• March 8, 2013

DVTV 12/02/11

BROOKE: Today on this Friday, December 2nd, 2011…Today the orchestra room looked like a Hollywood studio…lights…cameras…and green screens…all set up for a photo shoot for

The Chamber Orchestra’s upcoming performance at the Mesa Convention Center. It is a huge honor…Congratulations DV Chamber Orchestra

BROOKE: Speaking of which…club photo days are coming up after Christmas break…club sponsors get your membership together and contact Mrs. Coro if you have a preference for either date.

BROOKE: I’m Brooke Serack thanks for joining us…this is DVTV.

BROOKE: Word of the Day…everybody sees the board when they first enter the library, but who does it and where do those words come from? We have the inside scoop.


BROOKE: Next time you stop by the library, make sure to check out the ‘Word of the Day Board’ and e-mail any creative suggestions you may have to wordofthefuture@gmail.com

BROOKE: Another win for the DV Women’s Soccer teams! Varsity wins 1-0 in 5th minute of double overtime on a goal by Rachel Ressler. Mackenzie Meegan gets credit for the shut out…way to go DV! JV dominated Corona by a score of 7-1!

Come out and support your DV Women’s Soccer team tonight as they take on Mesa at home!

BROOKE: DV Boys soccer continued their winning ways last night as well with a 1 to 0 win over Corona del Sol. Jack Abernathy scored a goal in the first half and the team carried out a good defensive performance to hold Corona the rest of the game. Catch DV Boys soccer tonight at 6pm as they play at Mesa.

BROOKE: And if you want to support that great team…visit Yoasis and support the DV Boy’s Soccer team…anytime from Sunday December 4th through Saturday, December 10th and the DV Men’s Soccer Team receives a portion of ALL sales made.

BROOKE: There will be an Art Club meeting on Monday morning 7:30 in room A153.

BROOKE: T-shirts for German club and spirit days for German classes can still be purchased. Place your orders at the bookstore. Cost is $12.00.

BROOKE: And remember there are still a lot of things going on on campus today…

BROOKE: The final performance of the DV Winter Dance show will be tonight. Go show your support for these great dance teams. The show starts at 7pm in the Auditorium

BROOKE: And before the dance show…go check out Bad Seed in the Black Box theater…right after school at 4pm.

BROOKE: Also don’t forget both basketball and soccer tonight…girls basketball will be at McClinktock and boys will be playing at home.

BROOKE: On Wednesday DV had their assembly of champions and all the fall sports showing off their achievements. Julia Bulin has the story


BROOKE: If you happened to miss anything on our show today…just go online to DVThunderMedia.com, DV’s School Fusion site or you can even find us on Facebook! Just search Desert Vista Thunder Media!

BROOKE: Have a great day Thunder!

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