• March 8, 2013

DVTV 09/30/11

ELENA: Today on this Friday, September 30th, 2011…One week and counting for fall break…even though we may be dragging there’s a weekend coming up

ELENA: I’m Elena Mendoza thanks for joining us…this is DVTV.

ELENA: Tonight the H building will be dedicated to former Desert Vista dance teacher Pamela Olsson. Eight years ago…

Olsson organized parents teachers and students to get funding for the project which includes two modern dance rooms with wooden floors… vaulted ceilings…wall mirrors and six classrooms that many of you may know as your language classrooms.  The dedication will be held at 5pm.

ELENA: Tonight our Varsity boys will take on the Saguaro Sabercats at Saguaro. The game will be a superhero out.

Go out to Saguaro and show your support as this epic battle between two undefeated teams take place! As always tailgate starts 5:30 and kickoff starts at 7.

ELENA: And Saturday morning at 9am there will be a Freshmen football game against Brophy right here in the Thunder Stadium!

ELENA: Don’t forget…if you are scheduled to take the October SAT it is this Saturday right here at 7:45am.  Don’t forget your testing materials!

ELENA: Do you love to read?  If so, you should join the DV Book Club.  Their very first meeting will be Monday at 3:20 p.m. in the Library!

ELENA: Desert Vista is sponsoring a Book Drive! We will be giving back to three schools in need in the Phoenix area. SAGE, StuCo, and TSTDC will be bringing you details about how we will help students in need across the valley!

Details are coming…get ready for an EPIC homeroom battle!

ELENA: Clay Club will be holding their annual Kosmik Bowling event this Saturday. Mr. Honaker along with the help of club members will be holding a bowl-making marathon from 9am until 4pm.

ELENA: Guitar and Orchestra had a wonderful performance on Tuesday. Here’s Gabby Newell with the story.


ELENA: Thank you Gabby. These fabulous performers will be traveling to McClintock High today and tomorrow for the Fall Orchestra Festival. Don’t miss the next chance you get to see these great performers.

ELENA: And now its time for this week in rap…here Flocabulary


ELENA: If you happened to miss anything on our show today…just go online to DVThunderMedia.com, DV’s School Fusion site or you can even find us on Facebook! Just search Desert Vista Thunder Media!

ELENA: Have a great day and weekend Thunder!

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