• March 8, 2013

So many lines, so little time

Lines! Lines! Lines!: Students in line at fifth lunch waiting patiently to feed their hunger.

Natalie Marsh, Reporter

Imagine sitting in class, waiting for the period to slowly end. You can hear your stomach growling, signaling its urge for food. You spend the class period looking back and forth at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring when finally it does. You rush out the door, not looking back to see if anything was forgotten, and quickly jog down the long hallway. You can feel the rubber on your feet slowly giving away, like you’re running at the speed of light. Finally you bust open the doors leading to the cafeteria and to your astonishment, there is a huge line leading to the middle of the cafeteria.

Lately this has been a recurring event at Desert Vista; not only in the cafeteria but all across the  campus. Students upon students line up in the cafeteria and outside the library in wait for the turn. The time has come to speak up: Is it too much?

“Waiting in line can be a pain,” Kacey Curtain said, “I usually go to the library to study for any tests I have after lunch, but now waiting in line takes up all my time.” Waiting in line can take up too much time, which is why people are opting for other ways to study. “If I have to study I’ll just study at my lunch table. There is no worrying about lines and sometimes your friends have to study for the same test as you so you can help one another,” Maddy Patrick said.

Other than the library lines, other things can be a pain too, like the lunch line. “The lunch line isn’t too bad if you get here early,” Madi Jones said, “If you get here early the line is nice and smooth and quickly but after everyone gets here it gets really crowded and the lines start to get unorganized, sometimes it even gets claustrophobic.”

The lines here at DV can get very annoying, especially when you’re crunched on time, but here are a few tips to help out the fellow students:

    • Study Ahead: Instead of waiting in line to get into the library, try studying the night before the test so that the information is set in your brain. Even make notecards to study on the go while at lunch or in between classes.
    • Hurry!: Try to get to lunch earlier than the rest of the lunch crowds by trying a different route to the cafeteria or by speeding up your pace. Watch out though, running isn’t safe!
    • Pack a lunch: Instead of waiting in those crazy lines, pack a lunch! It’s great for so many reasons: You can pack food you like and don’t have to fuss over what to buy in the cafeteria! Packing your line will cut down on the cost too!
    • Study with friends: Make a study group with people in your classes at lunch so that way you can have a study session at lunch! This will make sure the information is fresh in your brain so you will remember when the test comes your way!
If you take these tips into consideration, you’re sure to have a smooth ride through the rest of the school year.
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