• March 8, 2013

Valentine’s Day at Desert Vista

Natalie Marsh, Reporter

By Natalie Marsh

The feeling of love is in the air this February as Valentine’s Day quickly sneaks up on the Desert Vista campus. On Tuesday, February 14th everyone will be showing their love; weather it be with their boyfriend/girlfriend or just with close friends. So what are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

“Since my boyfriend, Jonathan, lives in another state, I plan on Skyping with him right after school so we can show each other our Valentine’s gifts,” Taylor Pierce said. “If that doesn’t work out, I will probably sit alone and watch Titanic, Valentine’s Day isn’t much fun without your loved ones.” The campus of DV will be crowded with many balloons and flowers as couples exchange their loving gifts for one another.

Although there are many couples on campus, many students are excited about spending Valentine’s Day single: “I like spending Valentine’s Day single..any guy who waits until Valentine’s Day to treat his women like a queen is failing 364 days a year. You should treat her like a queen everyday and not just wait for a holiday,” Aoife Malone said, “But it would always be nice to have a Valentine’s Day…”

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