• March 8, 2013

All I want for Christmas is…

Ryan Fedasiuk, Reporter

By Ryan Fedasiuk, Reporter
Undefined. But seriously, now that students are getting older, parents and friends find it more difficult to impress them with glorious gifts. Expensive items are out of the question for most families, especially in this economy. So the question is raised about what students can get for Christmas and other gift-bearing holidays. The answer is not, unfortunately, always “just time spent with families,” though that would be a nice thought. Materialism, though not that extreme, is still the mentality of many students at Desert Vista, as people still want something tangible for the holidays. Video games seem to be popular choices for guys for Christmas, including game console systems, games themselves, and other accessories.
It’s quite evident that for guys, video games are solid gifts. They’re easily enjoyable, acessable, last ages, but are still relatively pricey. Entire consoles are quite expensive, ranging in the rage of hundreds of dollars, but they are still popular and supply and demand dictates they remain in that price range.
“I’m looking forward to getting Battlefield 3. It won’t be a surprise, but I’ve heard good things about it,” said freshman Nik Singh.
Kyle Kobashi stated “I plan on getting an Xbox 360 and some headphones for my ipod. Maybe a few games along with it,” further supporting the idea of video games for the holidays.
Also anxiously awaiting some video game gifts, CJ Biano shared, “I’m either getting an Xbox 360 or PS3 for the holidays.”
While what some students want is evident, for others, gift ideas are difficult to come up with. Some don’t even know what they do want for the holidays, and others cannot afford the lavish luxuries that are requested. The main problem is that students don’t know what they want for the holidays, and don’t seem to care all that much.
“I have no idea what I want for Christmas. I’d have to think about it for a while…” said another freshman, Austin Pham, in quiet contemplation, as David He nodded in agreement.
“I really don’t know what I want for Christmas. I like surprises, but I don’t know what I want,” added freshman Allen Crowder.
Through economic adversities and bland gift ideas, the spirit of the holidays remains strong, even if presents diminish. Desert Vista students can live without these luxuries, but still want the usual stack of gifts wrapped in gleaming paper. This year, that will be harder to do.
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