• March 8, 2013

Freshman love DV

Nathaly Silvestre, Designer

By Nathaly Silvestre

As Nmesomachi Sampson arrives to school on the first day as freshman she is overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness. Sampson tells her friend whom she has met up with that she has butterflies but finally excited to be in high school.“Honestly I made it through the day without getting lost, and I think I lost a few pounds,” said Sampson to her friend. Sampson also shared her favorite experience of the day, “my favorite part of the day was English, I actually talked to somebody and partnered up which was a lot of fun,” said Sampson.New freshman not only are they excited and nervous they are also afraid of the older kids. Alanna Gonzales a freshman was very nervous for the first day of high school.“At first it was very nerve wrecking, but you get used to it and you meet a lot of new people,” said Gonzalez.Gonzalez also mentioned that the only part of the day was getting to first period because she didn’t like being ‘trampled’ as she was going up the stairs. Gonzalez also said that from now on she would be eating outside since there are less people outside than the cafeteria


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