• March 8, 2013

The British are coming

Morgan McFadden, Reporter

British musicians are flooding America’s iPods and playlists more than ever since The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Some people believe that a language everyone understands is music. Here in America, there are popular artists that are world renown; but some new music sensations from the United Kingdom are being introduced to us and are growing more and more notorious.

Much like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, there is a new era of British artists such as Jessie J, Coldplay, Adele and One Direction who are taking America by storm.

“I  seriously love all of those new bands,” said Laina Goldwin, “I actually had no idea that they were British, I thought they were from America. Their music is fantastic though.”

Most people aren’t aware that these artists are not American because they sound American when they sing. Most British musicians make their voice sound American when they sing because it appeals more to the mainstream audience.

British artists making it big in the U.S.? What makes their music draw America’s eye?

“I think people like Jessie J because her music is just so fun and upbeat,” said Logan Phillipe, “It puts you in a good mood and pumps you up. Whenever I listen to her it makes me want to party.”

“Coldplay’s lyrics are really mellow and meaningful, but along with good lyrics they have catchy songs that stick in your head all day,” said Gabby Perez, “My favorite is Viva La Vida.”

“Oh my goodness, I love Adele,” Shae Sampson said, “Her songs are seriously so relatable. I feel like pretty much any girl can relate to her lyrics.”

“One Direction is literally my life,” Sarah Marcucci said, “I love them so much. Not only do they have amazing music, but they’re also the cutest boys to ever walk the Earth, which makes them 10 times better.”

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