• March 8, 2013

Is Christmas Coming too Fast?

Kara Youhanaie, Writer

Is Christmas coming to fast? You may have noticed that stores and commercials have completely skipped Thanksgiving! It’s a worry to some people as to where to get their Thanksgiving decorations for their feast. Christmas has always been the biggest holiday of the year, with Christmas trees, decorations, and gifts, but does Thanksgiving get no credit for being one of the most impacted holidays in the century? “ I went to go get decorations with my family for Thanksgiving dinner and when I went into Target, I was completely astonished that they had completely went to Christmas, the day after Halloween” said Amanda Coyle. “Thanksgiving should be recognized too even though it’s a shorter holiday”.
Stores have been skipping this celebration for years and the main reason behind this is money… Stores like Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and even the mall refuse to sell decorations for Thanksgiving. One, they are not a lot of creative decorations and two, there goal is to make some money for the holidays. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that everyone in the United States celebrates. Without the pilgrims, who knows where we’d be! So to all the stores that are completely ignoring Thanksgiving, people are noticing.

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