• March 8, 2013

Popular music high on teenagers playlist

Kelly Bodine, writer

A student’s iPod can reveal a few secrets about themselves: their favorite color, whether they enjoy music, and especially what music they enjoy the most. From rock, pop, hip-hop to country, everyone has a favorite. Teens explore many music preferences. If someone looks at two different students’ iPods, the first iPod might have Lady Gaga all over the device. The other might contain upwards of a hundred and fifty Metallica songs.

So what happens when one person thinks an artist is good, but others might think differently? Freshman  Ashley Williams, explains her own musical hatred.

Justin Beiber just does duets on top of songs, he doesn’t make them up himself,” Williams said.

Don’t even think about insulting Lady Gaga to freshman Lori Pruitt. “I love Lady Gaga because her songs all have unique meanings and sounds,” she said. Pruitt’s dislike? “Miley Cyrus is a phony, she was supposed to be a role model for children. I don’t think she realizes that half of her fan base is under the age of 10.”

Everyone has an opinion in music matters. Each song on the radio gets picked based on how many times they are listened to or requested. Teenagers play a big part in the music business, and are part of the reason so many artists  reach success or go on tour.

Platinum CDs weren’t created just based on a critic’s opinion. Fans bought those albums and downloaded them to iPod’s via iTunes or some other music source.  Concerts with high ticket prices  blared  familiar songs from those CDs played on amps, microphones and speakers. Teens have those same songs on their iPods and listen to them in middle schools and high schools throughout the world. Music provides a student’s stress relief. Music is important to each and every teenager.

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