• March 8, 2013

All the Single Ladies

     Single, not having a significant other. It’s not that bad once you think about out. I see single people constantly being down on them selves because they don’t have the “right guy” or the “right girl” in their lives. But, other people are enjoying the time of being free and not being “attached” at the moment.

     Being single has its ups and downs, but Laura Cox, freshman, explains that she “think[s] dating causes way too much drama,” and it does. That’s on of the many ups for being single in the young teen years for anyone. “I like being single.” Cox told The View. Girls just like being able to do whatever they want and that’s why being single is so fun for them. “I like the fact that I can flirt with whoever I want and not ‘get in trouble,’” said Cox.

     That seems to be the number one price that young adults don’t want to pay: not having freedom. Being free is the biggest want for teenagers, to cut loose whenever they want. When students don’t feel tied down to one person, they feel free as if they can do whatever they want, and they can. But, are they missing out?

     Adrianna Ramos has been currently dating soccer player Tyler Rabasca about 8 months or so. “I like how I have someone to care for me,” Ramos explained, “and I have someone to care for.”  Tyler hoped right on that and said, “I like having someone to talk to.” As cute of a couple they are, some people wish to have the same bond as they do.

     Some people don’t want any bond with anyone, hence being single. Kelsey Gross said, “Being single just means you have to watch all of the couples be lovey-dovey in the hallways.” “I just like to hang out with my friends,” Cox added on.

     The single boys and girls out there have their ups and downs.  It is just like the single roller coaster and the dating roller coaster. Both have their separate problems and joys out of it. Being single can be the time to find your true self or get your self out there, and have fun.

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