• March 8, 2013

Eating like a teenager

Kristin Notah

Teenagers are choosing to eat Doritos other than healthy foods because it's good.

Kristin Notah, Reporter

Eating like a teenager

Most teenagers like to eat food that isn’t always good for them, yet they still continue to eat it. Yeah its good, but its not good for your body. Why do young adults do this? Teenagers are more likely to eat junk food than eat an actual meal and this is the problem with it. Its not uncommon to see many teenagers eating healthy because it’s all on your eating habits and what you desire.

Everyone is different which means that we have different eating habits. It’s important to have food with good nutrients and vitamins. What would you rather enjoy, junk food or healthy food? As senior Kendall Love said “I would rather have junk food because it tastes better and I don’t have time to eat regular meals,” said Kendall Love. Many teenagers these days would agree also.

Junk food is everywhere we go but its important not to have too much of it. Once in a while junk food can be okay to eat to snack on, but not daily. What are some of your favorite snacks? “My favorites are chips, cookies, and soda,” said sophomore Destiny Taylor. “I still eat my fruits and vegetables because its good for you, but don’t expect it too much out of me.”

It is important to stay healthy and eat what is good for you. Do you eat your three meals? As  most say, they don’t have time and usually forget about it. Many teens don’t eat the three meals they need to keep them going. One of the most important meals to eat is breakfast because it will help your energy to start the day off and to help give you energy through out the day and stay focused in school. Another important fact is you should have thirty grams of protein within the first half hour of waking up for the day. This helps many factors in life.

Its really rare teens don’t eat in the morning. Eating a well balanced breakfast can have teens on track in class. Its better to have something in your stomach than having nothing. Especially when teens are active most of the time. They need calories to move and be active through out the day. Like being in a sport requires eating more and drinking more water. An athlete needs more calories than a normal person who isn’t as active. It helps the body to move and be focused on what needs to be done.

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